Our products are practice-proven solutions

Our products are complete, immediately usable solutions for IT-technical support of various tasks. Workflows, user interfaces and attributes can be quickly adjusted to specific requirements since these products have been configured using our functional modules. The integrated standard catalogues with task-specific information can be extended by customer-specific data. The same applies to intelligent features which make the products easy to use and easy to handle.

If you have not found a product that covers your tasks, ask us since we can only show you here a small selection of our range of solutions.


Supports the entire process for managing buildings and installations. In addition to many boundary areas, following areas are fully covered: area management, workplace management, cost centre assignments, cost allocations, cleaning management, closing management.

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The basis for maintenance is the documentation of installations and devices which need to be checked and maintained. Speedikon® C facilitates the documentation in flexible structures adapted to the requirements of the company.

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Various services are offered and worked-off in the field of building operations in every company. A help or service desk is a suitable tool to reasonably support the process around these services.

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Life Cycle Management

The life-cycle consideration of assets is the prerequisite for more transparency regarding the state of buildings and installations and their costs in the company.

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In the course of digitization rapidly increasing every day, Data Centres turn into strategic and even critical assets in corporations and organisations. As a modular, fully scalable IT platform, DAMS C supports all relevant DC-processes, that DC Managers face every day when trying to optimize OPEX in their Data Centres.

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[:de]BIM – Building Information Modeling und die Verwendung von Daten für den Lebenszyklus von Gebäuden und Anlagen.[:en]BIM – Building Information Modeling and the use of data for the life cycle of buildings and installations.[:]

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Modern buildings, technical installations, machinery and equipment are capable of supplying more and more data that may be an important base for various processes.

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Energy management

We cover the entire energy and resource management process from data collection on the field level to planning and monitoring of savings measures as well as the analysis and visualisation of measured data.

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Mobile solutions and apps

The use of smartphones and tablets for a wide range of different processes is a requirement that is asked for by most of our customers today.

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