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We believe that software should be just as individual as you are- and your processes.

For this reason, we have created an application world with the C platform that can be precisely adapted to your application thanks to highly flexible configuration options, but at the same time guarantees absolute update security.

The interaction of best-practice solutions, which have been developed on the basis of hundreds of successful customer projects, and state-of-the-art functional components, enables us to realize even the most complex requirements within our standard software. Using the C platform, you get the entire flexibility of an individual software at the price and risk of a standard software.

The C platform is able to map and manage any data and the associated processes. Be it 2D and 3D graphic information, small-scale master and process data of buildings, or technical assets and technical installations, or even measurement and sensor values sharp in seconds, taken from your building management system or IoT cloud. All this information is centrally available, can be evaluated graphically and alphanumerically with powerful tools, combined with mathematical methods, or prepared in reports and dashboards for all your stakeholders in a very attractive form.

One of the powerful features of the C platform is the time-line management incorporated. This guarantees to be absolutely audit-proof across all processes and data. All changes executed can be easily reproduced, and original situations can be reviewed again and again. You will never have to worry again about lost data or information.

The C platform is completely browser-based. Thus, you are able to easily provide the functionalities and the data available to a very large group of users in your organization. No matter if the application should run on your own servers on-premise, or rather in your private cloud, it is your decision only. IT security is a mandatory requirement in today’s world – for this reason, we use the latest login and security technologies submitting them to regular penetration test checks.

The C platform is also ideally suited for international use. Not only specific localization kits are already available for many countries, but further localizations can be easily carried out thanks to existing functionalities such as multi-language, UTC (universal time), international measurement units and conversions, different currencies and localizable catalogs.

Thanks to the C platform, you can act not only faster and with higher efficiency, but you also minimize your risks at the same time.

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