Over the last couple of years, adhering to the various ESG criteria (environmental, social and governance) has turned into being an absolute must for organizations and companies. In addition to the legal requirements to be fulfilled, recently several social requirements have come into common place also. Since real estate, buildings and technical installations are amongst the most valuable assets owned by organizations, the ESG criteria have a major impact on them.

Thanks to the highly flexible data structure of the C-platform, all the important information, data as well as documentation on real estates, buildings, technical assets or any other technical installation may be managed.

The relevant information is usually available at various points in time and originates from a large variety of sources. Until now, this caused substantial amounts of time and effort needed for data acquisition and upkeep. When the report has to be generated, all the data from the various different excel files and other sources has to be brought together manually into one central reporting template – this is not only very time consuming but also prone to error.

The C-platform provides our customers with many different tools for making data acquisition as well as preparation and report generation quick and easy. To take all the possible data sources at the various locations and buildings into account, there are a number of different dialogues for data entry available. Using these highly configurable dialogues, even untrained users can collect these vital data with a couple of clicks. By storing all the data in the central speedikon® C database, the users don’t have to worry about bringing the remotely collected data together – the platform does that automatically. Using our highly flexible yet extremely powerful rule sets, all the data can be prepared and calculated according to the current legislative requirements. Thereby for example all the energy resource consumption can automatically be transformed into the corresponding CO2 equivalents.

Whenever a report has to generated, all the collected and processed data can be inputted into the corresponding report template directly withing speedikon® C. This puts an end to all the hassle when it comes to preparing the reports. When needs be, all the data can of course also be forwarded to an external tool for the reports generation or even be sent to an auditing agency.

Many of our customers are using these flexible methods to make life easier when it comes to providing audit proof data for their environmental and sustainability reports.