About us

We are an innovative software company specialising in the digitisation of technical / business processes in buildings and industrial installations. In addition to products, solutions and technologies, we offer all services that put you in the position to make your business processes more intelligent with regard to your assets. Our employees have extensive experience in dealing with large data volumes, complex databases and integration into existing software and hardware solutions.

We have demonstrated in many projects since 1997 that we are able to capture complex tasks, to map them into innovative IT solutions and to make the daily work of our customers a lot easier.  Therefore, we use new and practically usable technologies. In our advance development projects, we check the latest methods and procedures for usability of our customers and provide prototypes on this basis.

Furthermore, we look in great depth at the development of generic, easy-to-use interfaces and the increase of efficiency of process flows. Despite all advances and innovations in a fast moving industry, we guarantee that investments in databases and process flows are permanently protected.

Together with our sister company, the WiriTec GmbH, we have developed energy management solutions. With these methods we support the most important processes of Industry 4.0. We attach great importance to data collection from the field level and the provision of these data for any processes, including accounting and predictive maintenance.

Our customers have been trusting us for many years and are following our strategies.

Adrian Merkel

Dr. Peter Merkel
Board of directors

Dr. Barbara Schwer
Head of consulting

Stefan Aust
Head of software development

Hans Werner Eirich
Member of management


Spin-off of speedikon Facility Management AG from IEZ AG.
Development of CAFM software speedikon® FM based on the CAD system of IEZ AG.

Integration into MB-Software AG, a listed software company..

Repurchase of speedikon FM AG by Dr. Peter Merkel and Dr. Ernst-Ludwig Hiegele. Since then it is owned by the two families whereat Dr. Hiegele is a silent partner. Dr. Merkel takes over the chairmanship of the board and reorganizes the company in terms of staff.

Foundation of WiriTec GmbH as a sister company for the area of energy management. Adrian Merkel takes over the management of WiriTec.

Dr. Alexandra Merkel takes over the chairmanship of the board of management. Therefore, the company is passed to the second family generation. Dr. Peter Merkel remains a member of the board and is primarily responsible for research and development.

Development start of the innovative IT platform speedikon® C as the base for the new generation of web-based systems.

Complete integration of the WiriTec software for energy and resource management as well as speedikon®DAMS into the speedikon® C platform.

Adrian Merkel is appointed Member of the Executive Board of speedikon FM AG taking over responsibility for Sales world-wide.
Dr. Peter Merkel  enters the Supervisory Board, continues however his R & D activities in speedikon FM AG.
Formation of FUTURE.LAB

Dr. Alexandra Merkel  leaves the Executive Board of speedikon FM AG.
Adrian Merkel assumes overall responsibility for both speedikon FM AG and WiriTec GmbH.
Dr. Barbara Schwer takes over the Consulting division as acting Vice-President.

We offer you the following range of services

speedikon FM AG still stands for all types of CAFM applications. In addition, we offer software that can be used to represent the complete range of business / technical solutions since the successful introduction of the speedikon® C IT platform and the positive feedback of customers.

Buildings, technical supply and production installations as well as data centres form the focus of projects with the key aspects digitise, visualise, manage, monitor, analyse, forecast and optimise.

We are dedicated to other topics along with our innovative customers as well. Those include lifecycle systems for assets, optimisation of energy and resource consumptions, different forms of maintenance, collection and further processing of digital machine data and fault message processing, mobile solutions as well as VR and AR applications.

We make modern IT technologies applicable for you e.g. the use of graphical features (2D and 3D) in modern browsers. Therefore, we increase the comfort and performance of applications.

Increasing networking requires the attention of increased safety requirements. This is especially true as we connect machines and systems on the field level to business systems. Our WiriBox as a link between these different worlds meets the highest safety requirements and ensures that you can operate our web-based systems with a clear conscience.