Cleaning Management for clean rooms

Cleaning management is one of the core processes within facilities management – though there are numerous that are much more complex that traditional facilities management and therefore need specialized solutions. One of those areas is the documentation of the cleaning processes in clean rooms. To provide support even for those very complex environments, we joined forces with one of our customers from the pharmaceutical sector. Using the capacity of our highly configurable software platform, we developed a solution consisting of a preparation and analyses part within the browser interface and a specialized mobile app for the operational part.

The cleaning processes within clean rooms rely on several core components that interact with each other governed by rules: the rooms and their individual categories; the staff with their respectives skills and training; the trollies or machines used as well as the cleansing agents. These data, alongside the necessary governing rules are defined and managed in the easy-to-use browser application.

The core component of our solution is the app, that provides for the documentation of the entire process. The process steps documented within the app are typically

  • equipping the trolly/machine with the correct cleansing agent,
  • identifying the room to be cleaned,
  • identifying the cleaning staff,
  • defining the type of cleaning to be carried out,
  • documenting problems or defects,
  • documenting exposure times and
  • cleaning and clearing the equipment for the next process.

Like with any app, we placed our focus on making the documentation as easy and quick as possible for the staff. This is why all objects including the staff themselves are identified by simply scanning QR-codes ar barcodes, entering information in done by selecting the according entry from predefined catalogues. All data is constantly checked for adhering to the governing rules to make sure no errors occur. The system automatically checks for example whether

  • the cleansing agent suits the machine used,
  • the machine is suitable for the clean room to be cleaned
  • the cleaning staff has undergone the appropriate training for this particular clean room class
  • all the above entries suit the type of cleaning to be carried out.

Besides documenting the maintenance cleaning, the clean room solution within speedikon C is also designed to handle and document basic and disinfection cleaning as well as on demand cleaning processes. All data are stored for each cleaning process in a revision-proof manner. This central storage of the data allows for ongoing analyses as well evidence for internal and external quality assurance.

In case you have similar requirements within your organization please get in touch. Always keep in mind that speedikon® C is so much more than just traditional FM!