Security Management

Safety and hazard prevention are always relevant, especially in the field of building and plant management.  On the one hand, the requirements for the protection of critical areas originate from external stakeholders, but there are also internal requirements that must be considered.

Depending on the organization, the need for security varies, and this in turn determines the corresponding technical and structural protective measures to be utilized. In addition, with the sensitivity of a business area, the demands and requirements for transparency and documentation of the measures taken always increase. Security-relevant components such as doors, gates, windows, security cameras, protection zones or security areas must be documented in an audit-proof manner.

As part of this documentation, outdoor areas as well as rooms are assigned to individual security zones. Built-in cameras are positioned in the floor plans and logically located so that it is known what the camera is recording. The access control elements are included in the view in order to be able to determine the access authorizations. Security-relevant assets are not only spatially located, but also classified and described according to specifications, so that a complete cadastre is created. Graphic evaluations give those responsible a quick overview of the situation.

Another important aspect is the risk responsibilities, which are also documented object by object. The graphical evaluations help to quickly get an overview and see where the gaps are. Additionally, the time dependency nature of the system also makes it possible to determine at any time who was responsible and where in the past.

But even more is technically possible and can be implemented in projects in speedikon® C: connection with the locking and access management to control access rights, the integration of the digital twins from FRAMENCE for photo-realistic representations as well as jumping to live systems such as camera streams or status information.

Thanks to the functions contained within the speedikon® C Security Management, you are always on the safe side!