The maintenance of buildings, facilities and technical installations is one of the core tasks and central duties of facility management. On the one hand, the legal requirements with regard to liability issues and operator responsibility require adequate maintenance and associated documentation. On the other hand, the buildings and assets are a substantial part of the overall business property that must be maintained accordingly. Last but not least, the functioning of buildings and facilities is a mandatory prerequisite for the successful core business of every company.

However, maintenance is always associated with high costs and strategic decisions that make optimal process support with the right tools absolutely indispensable.

Regardless of how the maintenance processes in your company work today, speedikon®

Regardless of how the maintenance processes in your company run today, speedikon® Maintenance is always an efficient solution. No matter whether you carry out the work with your own employees or commission service providers, whether you rely on proven maintenance cycles or already prefer methods of predictive maintenance in the course of Industry 4.0 projects, speedikon® C Maintenance is flexible enough to easily keep up with your specific strategies.

The basis for every maintenance process is always the technical assets that need to be maintained and checked. Proven asset and component structures with standardized and individual features, the assignment to trades or categories, with locations in the buildings and properties and the maintenance, inspection and inspection plans ensure a trouble-free process flow, even when dealing with a large number of components.

One focus of maintenance is the automatic creation and clustering of orders and the complete monitoring of the individual activities. Thanks to flexible rule sets, all special features and special requirements that are necessary for your process can be easily mapped here. By using these rule sets, even the most complex maintenance processes can be automated to a high degree.

Due to the seamless integration of mobile solutions into the maintenance processes, immediate feedback of the service personnel on site about the status of the individual maintenance or checking operations is possible. Problems can also be documented immediately. The activities and orders can be released on site, or important information can be retrieved directly from speedikon® C.

Thanks to appropriate analyses, the documentation of many millions of individual successful or unsuccessful activities provides reliable insights into technical asset availability, uncovers weaknesses and risks and is the basis for investment decisions.