Various services are offered and worked-off in the field of building operations in every company. A help or service desk is a suitable tool to reasonably support the process around these services.

Every employee in the company can usually make a notification. A notification can be an indication for a fault or a concrete order for cleaning or a move. speedikon® C provides flexible collection masks in which information need to be entered by the notifier depending on the type of message in order to edit the notification.

The notification is forwarded to appropriate persons or groups depending on the notification type and notification location.
A flexible role concept which includes roles such as distributors, coordinators, executors or administrators is the basis for working-off the notification. Once all notifications are accepted centrally, the notification is forwarded via distributor which evaluates the notifications and transfers them to the correct group or person for processing. This step can be automated if there are clearly defined responsibilities that can be taken into regulations.

The executers complete the notifications and report them back or close them immediately. The work is documented in any case. Often it is documented with corresponding monetary and temporal expenses which can be charged to the notifier. If the work is carried out externally without an external service provider having access to the system, the coordinator role is activated. The coordinator role evaluates and accepts notifications and transfers them to the service provider via other means. If the work is done, it will close the notifications as well. All roles can be combined in a service desk with each other.

Evaluations on the duration of notification processing, notifications per month or notifications per notification type can be easily created with standard mechanisms in speedikon® C.