Mobile solutions and apps

Nowadays, you can hardly imagine every-day life without smartphones or tablets. However, those devices have entered not only our private lives, but the professional arena as well. Especially for supporting a variety of Facility Management processes, using apps and mobile applications provide a significant added value. Particularly when it comes to activities that need to be executed out there in the field, customers can tremendously benefit from those apps.

During the past months and years, we have been developing a series of apps that significantly facilitate your every-day work. Apart from the app itself, the seamless integration into the entire process workflow and the security involved are paramount to us. In general, using apps makes only sense if they are fully integrated into the existing process. Thus, customers need to ensure that all users, irrespective if working on workstations or in mobile mode, have access to the identical data pool and that data are immediately updated should any changes occur. Furthermore, apps must support the respective process easily and consider all necessary data by guiding the user through the single activity levels as if it were child’s play. In this context, you should not neglect cyber security and data protection aspects either. Only if you can ensure that latest security technology is well in place, you can incorporate mobile devices into processes keeping an easy conscience.

At present, we offer our customers a series of apps that can be seamlessly integrated into the existing speedikon® C modules thus significantly facilitating and accelerating process workflows.



This app supports capturing and processing messages and tickets according to predefined workflows.

Aggregated orders

This app supports processing aggregated orders for maintenance and control and documenting the respective executing steps.

Cleaning control

This app supports the efficient execution of orders regarding cleaning control and assessment of cleaning quality.

Quality assessment

This app supports the easy execution of even complex inspections of objects and the documentation of respective results.

Plan-based documentation

This app supports users in plan-based capturing and documentation of defects during construction and acceptance period.


This app facilitates to carry out either repetitive or individual employee interviews fast and efficiently.

Object data

All information always on board–- using this app, all respective information available in the system can be called up and displayed regarding whatever object.


This app enables users to capture meter readings and measured values of metering devices to subsequently transfer to the energy data management platform.