Mobile solutions and apps

The use of smartphones and tablets for a wide range of different processes is a requirement that is asked for by most of our customers today. The focus is on smooth integration into the entire process flow and safety. Depending on the requirements, we use 2 different app methods:

1. Native apps for complex and predictable processes which also have to take place to a large extent offline.

2. WEB Apps for access to the speedikon C system for graphics, queries, evaluations and simple data processing.

Native apps map complex mobile processes according to the customer’s specifications and synchronise with the speedikon C system. They are implemented on the target hardware and use not only permanently installed device features such as barcode scanner, camera, RFID / RFC etc. but connected external devices as well. These apps work well for external service providers who only have to perform specific and clearly defined tasks (e.g. fire protection tests or data collections) without having to gain a further access to the core system. This results via decoupling of the speedikon C system and the targeted and supervised synchronisation.

All features of the speedikon C system can be transferred to mobile devices via web app. However, it is necessary to configure the user interfaces for the limited screen space and restrict the operation to available methods. Authorisation and authentication procedures secure and regulate the accesses.