The basis for maintenance is the documentation of installations and devices which need to be checked and maintained. Speedikon® C facilitates the documentation in flexible structures adapted to the requirements of the company. Therefore, both building services installations, devices subject to inspection as well as production technological installations are included. The assignment to component type designations and trades supports the categorisation of plants as well.

Within the framework of maintenance, the cyclic or action-controlled measures for maintenance, inspection or statutory testing as well as repairs especially of technical installations and machines are managed. The activities to be carried out e.g. according to VDMA 24186 or individual performance lists serve as a basis.  Corresponding tasks are combined  in work plans and serve as a set of rules for the generation of individual work orders. Freely definable cycles for the entire measure or the individual activity supplemented by the control via operating hours or other event parameters form the basis for the generation of individual work orders.

The generation of cyclical or event-controlled work orders is made via scheduler in order to create work orders in time and independently of the predecessor order. The work-off takes place in the process if required via several statuses: open, planned/ granted / released, processed, completed, accepted. The different sub-steps are assigned to different users via role concept.

Individually configurable evaluation lists support planning, organisation of human resources for work-off and control. Overdue work orders can be detected just as quickly as costs that run out of control.