We cover the entire energy and resource management process from data collection on the field level to planning and monitoring of savings measures as well as the analysis and visualisation of measured data.

Our customers come from all industries and use our EM software broadly in their company. Whether supply installations (HKL, compressed air, steam, etc.) are to be measured and monitored for production and manufacturing or energy consumption in office and administrative buildings, the WiriTec always offers the right solution.

Our hardware neutrality makes it possible for us to integrate into any environment and collect data from any measuring devices in time intervals up to one millisecond. Therefore, our technology is suitable for the digitisation of production processes in the course of industry 4.0 as well.

Integration into speedikon®C opens up a whole range of possibilities for evaluating measurement data beneficially in various processes.

Did we spark your interest? Download our product brochure „Energy and Resource Management – WiriTec® C – the Basis for Industry 4.0“ or visit the website of WiriTec GmbH.